Workshops for Seniors 

We host free computer literacy workshops for seniors that cover basic topics such as accessing the internet, being aware of the nuances of cybersecurity, creating social media accounts, and efficiently using all the amenities provided by video chatting services such as Skype, FaceTime, and ooVoo. With our more experienced learners, we orient them with Google Apps and Microsoft Office. With our most advanced learners, we introduce complex topics such as cloud services and current smartphone/tablet apps as well as discuss the anatomy of a computer. To read more, check out our page for our workshops for seniors.
Workshops for Kids 
We also host free tech workshops such as coding workshops (offered in both Java and Python), science workshops, and Math Olympiad workshops. The curriculum for these workshops is designed to enrich young minds,  stimulate and nurture curiosity, and inspire. In our introductory tech workshops, we discuss the meaning of important terms such as “object-oriented programming” and begin to cover the basic fundamentals of coding in Java. In our intermediate and advanced tech classes, we begin to delve into subjects contained in the Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science A Exam’s subset of Java topics. Alternatively, we may also teach the fundamentals of web design and Android app development. To read more, check out for page for our workshops for kids.